Is this the Krusty Krab?

Pinkie: No, This is Sparta. ;)



Pinkie:  DUDE…This is so mesmerizing.

Seriously, I could watch this forever.  I need help. @3@


Brightflame: Pinks! Stop watching it! *slaps in face*

Tsar: My computer at work blocks YT, so I’ll probably have to wait to find out what makes you so hipnotyzed…

Pinkie: Iiiiii caaaaaan’t heeeelllp iiiiit…..
….it’s soooo beauuuuuutifuuullll….. @_@

Is it a mountain-top covered in snow?


Pinkie: Who can say? @w@

Pinkie: So no worries! If you didn’t get my riddle right, then no worries! The important thing is that you made an effort!
And no matter WHAT, don’t you say that you’re no good, Mk? You’re an awesome pony/person, no matter what anypony else says!

And yeah, I agree; those types of movies can get a little silly at times. X3

Pinkie:  Doesn’t it feel weird, whenever you’re shaking your head around, and you feel the insides of your ears bouncing inside your head?  Why do you think that happens?

Pinkie: Doesn’t it feel weird, whenever you’re shaking your head around, and you feel the insides of your ears bouncing inside your head? Why do you think that happens?

would you mind telling me what the rules are for my contest prize so I don't ask for something beyond what I earned, thanks

Pinkie: Oh, for the prize? Uh…don’t think there are any rules. Truth be told, you can ask for just about anything. :3

I mean, so long as your expectations aren’t too high, it should be ok. I-I’m not exactly the most talented/skilled artist out there, but I can at least make something, uh…
…”presentable”? “Nice”? Eh, something along those lines. ‘^^

Your hint made is so obvious. A titain as in a titan of a ship, killed by ice. I can't beleave there were only 2 winners. If only I hadn't used up my 3 guesses following greek legends.

Pinkie: I’m sorry! I was rushed for time, cuz you all came out of nowhere! ;n;

But hey, you were guessing close. I mean, the whole concept was to make it an allegory with Greek mythology, cuz that’s how Titanic was named.

See, the “White Star Line” were trying to think of names for the new Olympic-class ships they were making. (Only 3 were ever built.) When they were faced with naming them, they based the names from Greek Mythos. “RMS Olympic” was named after Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and “RMS Titanic” was named after the Titans*. As such, I felt that a Greek allegory would fit with the origin of the name.

*~ (It also worked as a double-meaning, cuz “titanic” also refers to huge size.)

Pinkie: Welp, the riddle contest is finally over! Congrats to the winners!

And thanks again for 1,000 followers! *HUGGLES EVERYPONY!!!*




Waffle falling over

Why have I watched this 20+ times?! ~Z
There’s~something wrong with you. ~D

Yeah I can’t stop watching it either. It’s like watching something so stupid that it just pulls you in.



I did a terrible thing! 

And I am not sorry at all!

Pinkie: I’m proud of you, ma boi. *huggles* There’s hope for you yet! :3


Totally caught it!

Pinkie: Successful catch! 8D

Pinkie:  That’s BETTER!  *huggles*. Yummy!  ^w^

Pinkie: That’s BETTER! *huggles*.
Yummy! ^w^

Pinkie: *whine*. Nuuu...5 Moar mins.... >n<


Maud nudges Pinkie. “…Pinkie…You have to get up…”

Pinkie: *Hides under a pillow*.
Nuuuuuuuuu~…I’m sleeeeepy, Maaaaauuuuud….. -3-

MOD: ( i have a pinkie pie collab blog, if u wanna be in it?)

((Mod: Hmm…considering how the last time I tried being in a Pinkie club, I kinda stalled in there and got left behind, I’m not sure if I could keep up with another multi-Pinkie blog…

…I dunno…mind if I think about it for a little while before deciding? :3 ))

Let's eat apples together~




((Mod: …yeah, I dunno. This just kinda happened. ‘^^))