Pinkie:  Hey, everypony!  Guess what?  My Sedimentology class went on a field trip this past Saturday!  And since I don’t go on field trips that much anymore, I figured I’d take some pictures, just for you!

We went to this site near a highway, where there’s tons of exposed rock layers!  We did have a teensy bit of difficulty working there, because as you can see, it was snowing!  But don’t worry, we made sure to bundle up nice and warm, and we even stopped near town for a lunch break!

Oh, we had so much fun!  We figured out that this whoooole place used to be a shallow marine environment, way back over 400 million years ago!  I found some fossils, too!  One’s an Orthoceras, which is kinda like a squid, but it’s got a coney-shaped shell.  The other one was a…uh..Ch-…Chondrite, yeah!  I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but the important thing was that the whole shape of it was preserved!  My professor said it could be a really rare fossil to find!

Oh, I hope we get to go somewhere like that again!  That was soooo much fun!  Maybe I’ll get to go travel somewhere else, and find even more cool things!