Another blog?!?!

Pinkie: Greetings fellow land-dwellers! Oops!– I mean, hi everypony! Hee hee!

Well, I have a special surprise! I’ve been noticing that lots of my friends are reading cool comics on the Internet, like how RD’s reading Homestuck and Fluttershy’s reading Moonstuck! So my plan is, I’m gonna start one up too!

I’m gonna be reading this fun comic series 8-Bit Theater! It’s a sort-of parody series based in the first Final Fantasy game – the VERY first one, y’know? – and it’s really funny! And even better news, Spike said he’ll pop in from time to time, too, to read with me! He said he tried reading it earlier, but didnt make it very far. So I’ll be trying to read the WHOLE thing!

Here’s the link if you wanna read with me, and listen to me ramble on some! Updates’ll be in my free time, so you can expect semi-regular updates here. Hope you all enjoy!

EDIT: ((Mod: NO, THIS IS NOT INVOLVED WITH READING RAINBOW. …well, unless they like me and ask me to join in. Otherwise, this is just me, for my own reasons.))