Pinkie: *giggles* Get it, Rarity? “Scene” before? Like a movie scene? X3

Rarity: *chuckles* Nice one, Pinkie.

Twilight: *groans loudly in the background*

((Mod: So yeah, seems like everyone likes our reviews here, so I’m deciding to make it a regular thing! So whenever we see a new movie, be it a blockbuster hit or just an interesting movie we find online or on DVD, Pinkie’ll do a review of it, to let you all know about it! :)
Also might consider doing Rifftrax-style posts, if you guys think that’d be cool. Lemme know what you think! Chao for now! ))

  1. a-cyder-drinker said: As long as you’re honest when or if you review things like Sharknado
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